Yeezy 950

Reporting live from the East Coast as the Jonas blizzard goes on. PS. I'm surviving, my West coast playas!

So. The other week I bought Yeezy boots and I felt like a major @$$hole. They were calling my name. TEEZY TEEZY, so I figured I would try them on just to get them out of my system. Then I realized how f##### comfortable they are and absolutely had to get them. I know this purchase made no sense because by no means am I BALLLLLINNN' but I had to. 

So I splurged. I hated myself. I still do at times when I think about how I dropped half my rent on some damn shoes (#WeTheNewSlaves), but I figured I could enjoy my life just a little for once. 

I wear them A LOT & can surpringly dress them up or down. Think cowl neck sweaters and leather leggings or workout clothes. It works. #YASSSS. Every time I wear them I feel like people on the street are cursing me out in their heads. Judging me cause I bought these damn expensive boots and I still get uncomfortable. 

But I love the mess out of them. I wore them in the snow today and OMG they kept my feet warm AF and didn't get destroyed (thank you snow Gods). 

So sure I didn't look as fabulous as Chanel Iman but I feel like my purchase has officially been justified because they're functional. 

**ps this post is slightly pointless but it's my blog so I can do what I want!

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