Sunday Simplicity

New York has been such an affirming and validating environment, allowing me to face myself completely. If you haven't caught on, slicking my hair back is becoming my signature hairstyle (a look that I religiously rocked from ages 2002-2006). Partially, it's out of convenience, but most importantly it forces me to expose myself fully. It's easy to hide behind hair, to hide breakouts, to hide your beauty. I've been vulnerable with myself and everyone I encounter. This is Tamara. These are my cheekbones. These are my uneven eyebrows. My full lips. My almond eyes. 

This is me. Pure. 

An outfit should be effortless, or at least appear to be put together without effort. When it comes to my personal style I'm all about statement pieces. I rarely wear jewelry (I have ridiculously expensive taste) but shoes tend to be my focal point as of lately. As I continue to develop a functional "grown woman" wardrobe I look to add pieces that are first, of good-quality, second, timeless, and last, that can be worn in a bevy of ways.

Shirt: Madewell Pants: Joes Jeans Shoes: Vince Camuto Clutch/Watch: Michael Kors Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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