'Tina Turner' Legs StairMaster Workout

Happy New Year everyone!

Let's get this year started with a killer leg workout! I like to mix it up every now and then and hop on the StairMaster, so I created a workout that will have you on your way to those Tina Turner legs! 


The Workout 

WARMUP: 3 minutes on LEVEL 7

2 minutes as hard as you can go LEVEL 12-14

4 step squat (left, right, left, right + squat) LEVEL 5 for 90 seconds

Walk for 45 seconds on LEVEL 5

Lateral Lead with LEFT leg on LEVEL 8-11 for 1 minute *

Lateral Lead with RIGHT leg on LEVEL 8-11 for 1 minute*

Lateral Lead with LEFT leg on LEVEL 5-6 for 1 minute*

Lateral Lead with RIGHT leg on LEVEL 5-6 for 1 minute*

Around the world (forward, lateral L, backwards, lateral R) LEVEL 11 for 1 minute each direction

45 seconds Stiletto Walk (on the balls of your feet)  LEVEL 5

A1 on LEVEL 10 for 1 minute (full hip extension//drive those knees UP and dorsiflexion)

45 seconds Stiletto Walk LEVEL 5

Lunge (skipping one step) for 1 minute on LEVEL 7 

CLIMB for 3 minutes on LEVEL 12-14 

RECOVERY 3 minutes on LEVEL 7

 *hips are square meaning both hips are even






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