The Big Chop: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago I cut my hair. Instead of reiterating the reasoning behind my "drastic" change check out my post here

A year later do I regret it? Mehh not really. Every blue moon (when I have a super cute outfit on that would look perfect with long hair) I have a moment of silence for the many inches I got rid of.

At times having no hair has made me feel really insecure. I mean REALLLYYYYY INSECURE. My hair was my comfort blanket. I've felt like a little boy on countless occasions, praying my curls will once again be flowing down my back. Maybe it's because as a society in whole, and as Women of Color we're taught that your hair is your pride and glory. You want to be considered as having "good hair", and if you do have "good hair" don't you dare cut it because everyone in your family: your mom, your grandma, your cousins that you never met and everyone else in between will think you have some serious issues. We're taught to cherish our hair like we would cherish winning gold in The Olympics, or the way you cherish your first born. 

At the time I didn't think cutting my hair was going to be such a learning lesson but is has been. First and foremost I learned not to rely on my looks. Not that it's something I do consciously, but as a woman when you don't have the thing that a majority of people use to judge your beauty you learn to #UnleashYourInnerBeauty (along with always having your brows on point and wearing mascara lol). 

So, would I cut my hair again? Probably not anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, I love my hair short (sometimes when it isn't those awkward growth phases) but my preference is a little longer. 

Now grab some popcorn, sit back and relax, and enjoy the home video of my big chop. 



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