Surviving the Hardest Workout in NYC

Tone House has been deemed THE Hardest workout in New York City a plethora of times. As a former Division 1 athlete I can vouch that this workout is the real deal (and I'm not just saying that because I work here). It's the closest I can get to excruciating 300 repeats and sprinting in the blistering desert heat (without actually having to go do any of that for hours) and I love it.  

As a coach + athlete (who takes the classes 3+ times a week),  I've seen hundreds of people come in day in and day out and I think I've finally figured out the formula to surviving this workout!

1. Forget everything you know or think you know about working out. 

This isn't for the faint of heart. The only way to get ready is to just immerse yourself in the culture we've cultivated. 

2. Don't wear these shoes (or any shoes without quality traction/grip): 


3. Do wear these: 

4. If you drink alcohol try to refrain for a minimum of two days before class. YOU WILL THROW UP. Also, drinking just isn't good for high intensity training because you're slowing down the recovery process and you're more prone to injury. 

5. If you throw up, please throw up in the toilet. Not the sink. 

6. Speaking of throwing up..It's okay to throw up. Seriously. Don't be embarrassed. Remember pain is just weakness leaving the body. 

7. Make a friend. This will be easy. I'm proud to say that we have one of the most supportive training environments I've ever been in. Your coach and teammates will be screaming your name and will even get down and finish the final rounds of bear crawls with you.

8. Don't trust the Class Pass description. 

9. Do trust the yelp reviews like this: 


10. Take the stairs. It's only two floors. Just think of it as the warm-up before the warm-up. 

11. Limit your complaining. Everyone feels the pain. Someone may appear to be "more fit" than you are, but I promise you they're feeling it just as much as you are. 

12. The ladies = killers. You'll find out soon enough. 

13. With that being said, whatever opinion you have on women as athletes will change. Drastically. We have one of the most badass diverse group of women in the business. 

14. We'll push you, but we care about you from the bottom of our hearts. 

15. Don't ever walk. Whatever you do. Run. ALWAYS.RUN. Especially if you're taking my class. 

16. Don't brag about all the other workouts you've done or do. THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING. 

17. Don't quit. 

18. Don't post your extreme cheat meals on social media. Alonzo will see them and make you pay (Jordan S. he's coming for you). 

19. Don't quit on yourself, or your teammates. It's going to be hard, but you will survive. 

20. Push yourself. You know that moment when you're saying "oh fuck", that's when you work harder. That's when it counts. 

23. Have fun. Meaning, laugh at yourself. Laugh at your "weaknesses". Take a chance. See how good you can be.  

24. Drop your chest. Like drop it. Like make contact to the ground. Like you should feel the turf underneath you. 


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