PSA: I'm Moving to New York

You’re eyes are not deceiving you. I, Tamara Renee Pridgett am moving to New York.

There are a bunch of things I should be doing right now like:

1.     Downsizing my life into two suitcases

2.     Securing housing (I’m couch hopping! So spontaneous)

3.     Internship duties

Yet, I’m sitting here celebrating (in my head).

Just a few months ago moving seemed impossible. It sounded great. But the actual thought of packing up all of my belongings and just G O I N G gave me anxiety. My time in Tucson has come to an end, and I know that in order to become the woman I envision myself being I have to go. I came across this horoscope in April on Refinery29 & knew the Universe was conspiring. I had a Solange tune stuck in my head, had been obsessing over Birkenstocks, and had Brooklyn on my mind.

Strange right? 

So you’re probably wondering what I’m going to be doing in NY.

I’m going to W O R K.  

I’m going to L I V E.

I’m going to be S H A M E L E S S.

I'm going to be F E A R L E S S. 

I’m going to L O V E & L A U G H.

I’m probably going to have a few emotional breakdowns, especially when it starts to get cold.

I’m going to C O N N E C T with my family (Brooklyn standup!).

I’m going to go on A D V E N T U R  E S and do things I’ve never done.

& I’m going to be T A M A R A—fearfully and wonderfully made.

I think this move is going to be absolutely amazing. I'm going to start incorporating a segment on my blog so that you can stay connected with me and laugh at all the mishaps and foolery I will partake in. 

So. If you’re from NY or have any suggestions on things I should do, places I should grab a bite, the best shopping areas, and places I should visit leave them in the comment box! 

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