love and life lessons

Random babbling and thoughts that float through my head and probably through yours...

ON     P O T E N T I A L....Don't become consumed with the concept of potential. Potential means the possibility of becoming something, not a guaranteed outcome. Everyone has potential. You have the potential to be a world leader, to influence the masses, to do any and everything. But potential isn't enough. I see people get trapped by potential. In relationships we get stuck because so & so has the potential to be faithful, trustworthy, caring, affectionate, a good partner...but they aren't. Potential only gets you so far. In life: you have the potential to be the best you can and to accomplish everything The Creator put you on this earth to do...but you can always fall short. Don't get caught up on potential my friends, because sometimes it'll just leave you with a lot of what-if's and disappointment. 

ON    L O V E (the real thing and everything in between) 

Sometimes it feels like I love to hard, too soon, too deep. With that being said I believe the more vulnerable we allow ourselves to be the more we have to be open to things ending...

We fall apart [& realign stronger than we fathomed]. 

I say this because at some point we feel like life cannot go on. Or perhaps we don't want it to go on and change.  How is it possible? We feel like another ounce of heartbreak, another ounce of disappointment will be the end of us. But we can and will move on. All relationships are tricky. They have this way of making you feel like nothing and everything at the exact time. They bring out the best and worst in us. They teach us. They make us feel. Feel things we never imagined we could feel. Love, hate, jealously, fear, lost, found...

One thing I'm constantly reminded of when relationships end (applicable to all relationships) and begin is my worth. And this is what I want to share with you. 


Sometimes I find myself thinking that the things I expect out of a relationship are too much. I'm too picky, too demanding. But I'm not. If I'm going to invest my time into someone and something then I deserve the best. 

Trust your instinct. If something doesn't feel right chances are it isn't. Don't ever let someone make you feel crazy. Don't settle. & don't ever allow yourself to be invisible. Let me say that one more time. DO NOT EVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE INVISIBLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  As soon as you realize your worth, then the fear of letting go will dissipate. The habit of settling will fade. You, Love, are worth any and everything your heart desires. 

One final thought: Be okay with not being okay all the time. Time heals all. 


Keep pushing on.




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