Kanye West: Your New Favorite Fitness Brand

The intersection of fitness x fashion is at an all-time high. Currently, the athleisure industry is estimated to be worth 270 billion dollars and is expected to have a 30% increase by 2020. 

Kanye West recently announced his partnership with ADIDAS 'adidas + KANYE WEST'. To date this is the most significant partnership for Adidas—yes more significant than that of a professional athlete.

From letterman jackets, sweatpants becoming a go to bottom and rapping about Kobe's martial problems, there's no doubt that sports are influencing our lifestyle. 

This week Von Miller, Adrian Peterson, and Deandre Hopkins were all gifted custom Yeezy cleats! There has been no word on whether or not they're truly functional, but knowing Yeezy and the Adidas research/technology backing him, these might just be the next top cleat. 

I'm excited to see what adidas + KANYE WEST have in store for the sports world (and their rivals)! Maybe Yeezy will gift me with some custom track uniforms and spikes for my comeback. See inspo below. 

Stay tuned for more updates on adidas + KANYE WEST. 

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