Hiking Mount Batur

1:30am. I woke up feeling both exhausted and anxious to hike Mount Batur. I'd describe myself as adventurous, but I do have my moments of "what the f*** was I thinking" more often than not. I began to wonder if it was a bad choice to hike an active volcano? What would I do if it erupted? Why hadn't I checked the seismic activity? What were my chances of survival if it did erupt? 

All valid worries. 

Twists and turns in the dark with absolutely no control.

The drive from Ubud was around an hour and once we arrived in the parking lot I met my guide, Ari. Initially I wanted to do this hike with a group of people, but the one-on-one time with Ari was educational and enjoyable, and most importantly it meant we could push the pace.

The hike starts out pretty flat, which left me thinking that it was going to be a waste of my time, and then out of nowhere the incline started to kick in. Like most hikes, it was rocky, and at times slippery (especially when you don't have the proper shoes on) but if you consider yourself to have an ounce of athleticism running through your blood, you should be fine. 

Mount Agung 

Mount Agung 

Upon reaching the top breakfast was prepared from the steam of the volcano and we waited for the sun to rise. 

Mount Abang and Mount Agung

Mount Abang and Mount Agung

A good 30 minutes after sunrise the monkeys appeared. I nearly had a heart attack (monkeys have officially been added to my list of animals I'm afraid of) but the other hikers seemed to be entertained by the monkeys stealing their food and running around. 


Tam's Tips


  • Breathable leggings/shorts
  • quality, thick socks
  • sneakers with grip or hiking boots
  • windbreaker
  • sunscreen


  • water
  • camera
  • tripod (optional) 
  • snacks
  • flashlight

If find yourself in Bali I highly recommend waking up at an unheard of hour to hike Mount Batur or Mount Agung!

What are your favorite places to hike and your must have items?

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