So much goodness has happened since Saturday I'm still struggling to find the words to describe my emotions! I truly believe the Super Bowl should be on Saturdays in order for complete recovery, IJS. 

I've read so many eloquently written articles (that had me wishing I authored them) analyzing Beyonce's 'Formation' video/song. 

Here's a few of my thoughts:

I hope everyone understands the power/symbolism behind her words. She refers to herself as 'Bamma', she takes back the power in the word 'Negro' she embraces the black features that so many of us have been told are ugly and go against the European Standards of Beauty. 

Then the Super Bowl. Her and her dancer slaying per usual, but hopefully you've realized by now those "costumes" are more than costumes. They're honoring the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party  (founded in Alabama). 

So, while you caption every video and picture for the next two months with "formation" and all the other catchy lyrics understand the message. Understand that this is for US. I've seen a few major sites/publications just throwing this song/lyrics around, and I either they don't get the implications of this production or they just don't care. All I'm asking is that before you start sprinkling 'Formation' lyrics any/everywhere you can you ask you're self if you're really down for the cause. 


Now, let me get back to Slaying. 



*this was originally a Facebook post, but it became entirely too long.

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