Still I Rise

Recently I've realized that I tend to go through life disconnected from my emotions. It's not something I intentionally do, but at times it does seem easier.  As I was struggling to come up with a "theme" for my next post and with the untimely death of Dr. Maya Angelou 'Still I rise' floated through my head. 

When I was thinking what I wanted to share about this outfit, the words that came to mind were strong, sophisticated,bold, confident and sexy—similar to the way 'Still I Rise' makes me feel. 

In 2005 I attended the 'Phenomenal Woman Award Dinner' for my Aunt (who is quintessential phenomenal) the recipient of the award. I remember Dr. Angelou speaking. Absorbing her words. Her voice soothing me. That night, she planted something special in me. Something that has just recently begun to blossom...

Does my sassiness upset you?

Does my haughtiness offend you? 

Does my sexiness upset you? 

Still I rise. 

Outfit details —Top J. Crew Mens Chambray. Pants: Mens military pants thrifted in Paris. Heels: Rachel Zoe Daria. 

What does sexy mean to you? What role does Dr. Angelou and her work play in your life? 

Rest In Power. 


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