Broke & Bougie: The Power Suit


I've always had an affinity for suits, especially when worn by women. Being that I spend 98% of my time in spandex and sports bras, you might find it strange that I liveeeeeeeeeeeeee (written in a Nene Leakes voice) for suits, honey. 

I picture myself in a double breasted, red pant suit anchoring your favorite sports show, going to a movie premiere, meeting up with my girls before closing an important deal, walking down the get it. I just imagine my broke and bougie self enjoying life to it's fullest in that suit. 

The power suit is timeless. It's effortless. Being the broke and bougie person that I am you know my favorites come from Givenchy and Saint Laurent (written with the best French accent in mind) of course *eye roll*. You'll easily spend $3k, but you'll be très chic and très poor. 

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