Broke & Bougie: Gucci

Innocently, I walked by a Gucci store in October and immediately stopped to do a double take. I was drawn in by the color scheme of one of the display purses. As soon as I got home I searched the site, to find that my latest purse obsession is $1,980. That's my rent + bills + errthang. I'll be starting a GoFundMe for this baby soon. 

double g belt.jpeg

At a price that is more realistic for those ballin' on a budget—but absurd for a belt—I present to you the double G belt. I don't know the last time I've worn a belt, but I always find that my outfits are missing that final touch. At $330 this is definitely filed under investment pieces, and would be worn at least twice a week. You'll be proud to know that my goal is to find this at a consignment shop, but if I'm being honest I will probably end purchasing it as a birthday gift to myself once I save the coins. 

My history with loafers is traumatizing. I was 6 years old this first time I wore a pair of loafers. They were patent leather penny loafers, purchased from Savers for less than $10. At the time I hated them, being forced to wear them to school on multiple occasions. Times have changed and I am majorly lusting over the Suede Pump. Perhaps it's the heel or that they're suede, but I'm already planning my outfits around these beauties. 




What luxury item are you lusting over? 

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