Broke & Bougie: Gift Guide

Mini Bucket Bag

When this purse first came onto the scene I wasn't feeling the hype surrounding it. It took a while for Mansur Gavriel to grow on me, and now I want one of everything, especially the mules. Keep it classic with the black leather bucket bag or customize it with their assortment of leathers and insert colors. 

Tam's Fave: The Brandy mini with the cleo interior

Tam's Fave: The Brandy mini with the cleo interior

Back in the day I was the polaroid selfie queen, before "selfies" were even a thing. I have great memories of days spent at the pool with my cousins and sister, just being cool kids, all on Barbie film of course. Like everything, polaroid cameras are back in style and how can you resist this orchid color?! Don't forget the film (Urban Outfitters has the best selection) and batteries! 

The Celeb Cookbook

This is a win-win situation for all involved. It's safe to say that every woman believes Chrissy Teigen is BFF-potential. Although we haven't mastered her lifestyle, we meet her on the real, sarcastic, clapback level. This book may not make us as funny and no f***s to give as Chrissy, but at least we'll be full. 


Lets be real. Every girl needs a good pair of earrings. I won't be too bougie and tell you carat specifications; only requirement is that they're real. 

The V Important Sunglasses

I disgust myself for this one, but it's the Tam Tardash thing to do. No one should wear sunglasses that are this expensive, but I really want them. I'll also settle for a nice dupe so that when I accidentally step on them I won't die on the inside. Don't forget to get them polarized so the haters can't see you. 

The MacBook

I've been wanting a new laptop for a few years now, but can't justify the purchase since there's nothing wrong with the current one I have. Then came the new MacBook. Everything my heart desires and more. It's sleek and light—which means I can run around the city with it—but is still a bawse of a laptop. I'll take one in Space Gray, 15-inches, with the Touch Bar. Gracias. 


What's on your broke & bougie list this year?   

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