Broke & Bougie: The Minimalist Sneaker

If you're anything like me you always tend to be unintentionally attracted to the most expensive items while shopping. It's the investment piece that has you torn between paying rent and living out your Pinterest life. The shoes that you've been lusting over, but know that in reality you'll either break your face when trying to walk in them, or wear them once a year. 

Being broke & bougie isn't bad. It's the best thing you can do for yourself as an independent, financially challenged person. You see, when you're broke and bougie you know your limits. You contemplate crossing the line and selling your soul, but you're smart. You add each item to your  "when I'm over the world" list and keep on moving. You know the difference between trendy and investment pieces. Most importantly you know that one day you'll have it all. 

This week I'm keeping it somewhat "affordable" (don't look at your bank statement for a few weeks) with the Common Projects Original Achilles sneaker, currently going for $410 on net-a-porter. 

They're basic. V basic, which in this case is good. Whether it's in between shoots or post training sometimes I want to spice it up. Sometimes. That means making my outfit less sporty and transforming my post workout look into something a little more sportsluxe. Unlike the Adidas Stan Smith, I love that this shoe has very little branding, which in my opinion creates a sleek, simplistic look. 


What's the most expensive sneaker you've purchased? 


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